Oven Repair

Oven Repair

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Oven Repair

Taste and food quality are highly dependent on your oven.  A temperature variance of 50* Fahrenheit is  normal for most ovens, and can be easily adjusted by you to compensate for cooking various recipes.  Ovens can be calibrated if the variance is over 50* on most ovens. 

Professional Help
If you like to cook but your oven is broken, we can help! Call our repairmen for safe and qualified oven repair. We  can fix all kinds of ovens; microwave,convection,gas,electric, built in, and freestanding.

Cooking and Our Health
Cooking food in the oven is not only inexpensive, but also very healthy. When you are cooking at home you can choose fresh, healthy ingredients.. Also you can control the quantity of fats and oils,sugar  and sodium  in your food. You can never be quite as sure when eating out at restaurants.

What to do in Case of a Gas Leak
If while cooking you smell gas, shut off the oven, or cooktop burner.  If the smell stops, you need to immediatley call the Gas Company and have them come out to check it.  This is dangerous so do not continue cooking until they tell you it's safe to do so.  If the smell is very strong and shutting off the appliance doesn't end the smell, leave the home. NEVER  light a match or turn on any electrical device  Call your local fire department and wait outside until they allow you to reenter.

Common Gas Stove Problems

The most common problem is the oven or top burners not igniting, or no gas coming to the burners.  For these situations you would need to call us.  Ignition on most stove is Electronic, and there are three main components, a spark module, a switch and an ignitor or electrode.  One or more of these may be malfunctioning and in need of replacement. Obviously if there are power problems the stove  would not work so you would need to check your cord and breaker to verify if power is present. If no gas comes to the oven or top burners, there is likely a problem with a valve.  We would need to check to see  which one needs to be replaced.  In some cases the burners on top have pilot holes which may become clogged with food or grease, and may be cleaned with a small diameter wire.  Please call us for any problems for which you need our help.

Frequent Electric Oven breakdowns
Most of the problems of the electric ovens are connected with power supply. The outlet, the power cord and the plug should also be checked. In the case that power gets to the stove, but the elements are not heating, you would need to call us to determine the problem.  If you experience any other problems, please call us.  We are able to repair most problems on our first visit.